A Beginner’s Guide in Becoming a Good Content Writer

The services of a content writer are in demand on the internet. Website owners, bloggers and business site owners hire them to draw traffic, give out expert advice, and publish quality and informative content for their existing readers. With the fierce competition among writers, it is quite easy to be lost and give up altogether. As a new writer, keeping up is hard and building a portfolio seems farfetched – well, it’s still possible. Below are easy and proven guidelines to reach the level of a professional writer.

About Writing patterns and habits

Write consistently and every day. Set aside at least an hour to two hours of writing every day. It forces your mind to work and produce ideas. The longer you spend writing the quicker your mind can construct ideas, come up with topics to write and enhances your thinking abilities.


Before writing an unfamiliar topic, write first what you know about it. If you cannot write anything about it, then, it is time to research about it. Though, do not spend too much time researching a single topic. Thirty minutes to an hour is sufficient to get a general idea about a topic. Then, spend the next 15 minutes, brainstorming what to include in your article. After brainstorming, take a rest or proceed in writing the whole article.

About grammar

You do not have to be perfect in grammar at first, but it does not mean being a newbie is an excuse. Before diving into the world of content writing, it does not hurt to read your grammar book to refresh your memory. Take a simple grammar test to find out how poor or excellent your grammar after a long period of not writing. If you have not written an article or an essay for a long time, chances are your grammar is at its worst.

Use tools to enhance your grammar. As a new content writer, there is nothing wrong with using tools to check your grammar. These tools point out common mistakes. However, never rely too much on such tools. Still, the best way of improving your grammar is learning all the basic rules of sentence construction, correct subject-verb agreement, and among other things. Spare at least 15 minutes every day reading about grammar.

About ideas

Ideas are everywhere. Read, listen and observe. While walking or riding a bus, do not focus your attention in listening to music or reading a reference book for your research. Instead, observe discreetly your surroundings. Listen to conversations but do not eavesdrop. You would be surprised to learn that you can get ideas merely from observing, listening, or reading a bulletin post in a rail train. Reserve reading a book when you are at home, or while researching through the internet. Besides, reading while inside a moving vehicle strains your eyes and affects your balance.

A content writer never stops reading. The more you read, the more ideas will pop up in your mind when you need them. A human’s mind consists of billions of neurons. When you read a lot, the neurons inside your head enhance their capabilities as well and make them faster in transmitting information.

About writing site

You probably have read about writing sites before you came across reading this. Join a reputable, well-known freelance writing site. Exposing yourself to different topics is one good way to train in meeting deadlines and specific client’s requirements. It also helps in polishing your grammar and enhancing your research skills. If you are having a hard time gaining traction in a writing site, it only means two things. One, you cannot work yet as a professional writer and you still have many lessons to learn. Two, the writing site may not be the right training ground for your writing skills.

About Writer’s Mistakes

Sometimes, people become complacent with their work when they know they are very good at it. As a content writer, beginner or not, complacency should never be part of your writing inadequacies. This behavior promotes unwillingness to learn more, pretending that no one or nothing can surpass your ability. Always remember, every opportunity is a chance to learn a lesson. When complacency becomes part of your flaws as a writer, you fail to see and grab opportunities that might bring you to the top.

In case you land a job as a freelance writer in a writing site, accept projects that you know you can finish within the specific deadline. Take one assignment at a time until you are certain you can accept multiple assignments and pass them on time. Learn to stick to your own schedule.

Lastly, learn to relax. A stressed mind can never think clearly. Ideas will not come easily. So, sleep at least five hours a day. A rested mind can perform faster and that means you can write more.

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