Logo Lanyards as the ‘In’ Thing

Lanyards are huge colorful straps described as a cord intended for holding an item around the neck. Lanyard seems a new item to some but it actually has been around for centuries. A lanyard back then was called “Lanier” meaning ‘thong’ or ‘strap’ and was used for attaching a whistle, pistol or a sword to uniforms of soldiers in the French military.

Nowadays, lanyards stay as decorative items and have a more modern look. They have metal clasps used for holding items like keys and electronic devices like cameras and mp3’s but they are mostly used to hold identification cards for schools and other establishments. Lanyards may come in different colors and designs. The lanyards with designs are called logo lanyards or printed lanyards.

Lanyards are sold everywhere and people can buy the lanyards with the design they like but sometimes they can’t see the design they want in some lanyards so they ask someone to make their lanyards with the design they like. Yes, these lanyards can be custom made and the person can give the desired design to be imprinted on the lanyards.

Logo-lanyardWords and pictures can be put on logo lanyards so it is a good promotional item for a business or for companies. Lanyards have been popular among school children, so most of them wear logo lanyards. The lanyards they use usually have images of their favorite cartoon characters or a name or image of the sports team they like. Other school children’s lanyards come in different bright and attractive colors.

Many online stores provide custom logo lanyards. Back in 1991, there were already companies that offered custom printed lanyards. They make any lanyards and the design the customers want to be put on their lanyards. They have different themes for their lanyards such as college, sports, animal print, motivational, and religious, where they put the name or logo of the said themes on the lanyards. They also provide different types and styles of lanyards in affordable prices.

Lanyards have also become a fashion statement for young people. Like the necklace some see as jewelry, young people buy lanyards with beautiful designs and show them off to their friends. They can also pair their lanyards with the clothes they use. Most of them use their lanyards as cell phone holders, the cell phone acting like a big golden pendant. The lanyards used as fashion statements are those with intricate designs that will catch everyone’s attention. It can be with bright neon type design or the glittery design.

Lanyards actually have many uses and it depends on the person who wears it on where it will be used. Sometimes they are used as wallet key chains. Some let them dangle around their neck or outside their pockets. Some use them for bottle holders and pouch holders. Others put button pins on their lanyards for additional design.

Children, teens and adults will love logo lanyards not only because of the beautiful design but also for the reason that lanyards will come great in their everyday use. Children will love the cartoon character designs, the colorful strap that will be around their neck as an ID holder or pouch holder. Teens will feel proud as they wear their lanyards with their school or university logo, the same with teens who wear the lanyard with the sport team they belong to either inside or outside of the school. Adults will also love to use their lanyards in their work either as an ID holder, key holder, USB holder or a holder for electric devices such as cell phones. Simply put, lanyards are for everyone.

Many online stores provide custom logo lanyards such as wholesalelanyards.com .They also provide different types and styles of lanyards in affordable prices.

Uses and Importance of Custom Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are inexpensive and lightweight type of wristbands which are usually made of silicone. Before, they were really made of rubbers but because of the discomfort the material brings to the wearer, manufacturers change it. Rubber bracelets are present since the late 1970s.

They became widely popular in 2004 when famous American cyclist, Lance Armstrong utilized the product in his fundraising activity for a cancer research. The product was called LiveStrong wristbands. Aside from raising funds for the research, the custom rubber bracelets have also raised cancer awareness to the public.

For some, these rubber bracelets are simply an accessory but actually, they are of a good cause and purpose. Below are the common uses and importance of rubber bracelets.

1. For Charity Awareness and Fundraising

LiveStrong bracelets were the first rubber bracelets created for charity awareness. LiveStrong are yellow rubber bracelets. “LiveStrong” is the tagline of the cancer research; it was debossed on the surfaces of the custom bracelets.

Custom Rubber Bracelets

These bracelets are also referred as Awareness bracelets. They act like awareness ribbons. They are, however, more popular because rubber bracelets are easy to wear and they last longer. Awareness bracelets are usually one inch wide. If not debossed, logos or taglines of the charities are imprinted or embossed on the surface of the wristbands.

Custom rubber bracelets are great for fundraising because of their affordability, variety, and profitability. The organization’s investment costs for these items are low. When they purchase bulk amount of rubber bracelets, they are sure to get a great discount even if the bracelets are to be customized with the organization’s or the cause’s logo.

Due to the low investment cost, they can resell the bracelets to earn funds on a very affordable price as well. Rubber bracelets can be of different sizes, styles, and designs. The charities can use a variety of rubber bracelets while still making sure that they stick with the theme of their cause. For example, they can use different colors but the design and texts to be imprinted are the same for every bracelet.

Because of the first two factors, the organizations are sure to profit from the fundraising activity.

2. For Brand Promotion

Different companies use custom rubber bracelets to promote their new products or services. The bracelets are effective marketing devices because of their popularity especially to the youth. Companies just have to add a striking branding and a unique shining effect to the surfaces of the wristbands, and surely, they will be patronized by their target market.

As mentioned, these items are affordable so businesses would not have to invest a lot for rubber bracelets. That was the reason why well-established companies and those which are still working their way to become established use them.

3. In Celebrating Different Occasions

There are rubber bracelets especially made for certain special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. They feature a theme that matches one of the given occasions. Others have imprinted greeting such as “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy 2015!”

These seasonal custom bracelets are great for presents. They can also be used as giveaways during birthday celebrations and non-traditional weddings.

4. In Celebrating One’s Style

You can celebrate your style using rubber bracelets. Choose your favorite color among different color choices. You can also have your motto or favorite saying debossed, embossed, or imprinted on your own rubber bracelet. Imprinted bracelets are more economical than the other two.

Custom rubber braceletYou can also use a multicolored rubber bracelet, or that which feature fun patterns. If you are more of a casual person, you may choose blank or simple rubber bracelets. If you are jolly, you can choose bright wristbands to match your personality. For fashionable people, there are glittered rubber bracelets available.

You should also consider the material when you are choosing a rubber bracelet. Make sure that it is 100% silicone. Rubber may make you uncomfortable, while other materials may easily snap or break.

5. As An Event Pass

Some events’ organizers use special rubber bracelets as VIP passes during concerts. The bracelets then also act as a souvenir for the event. On some concerts, everyone is given a rubber bracelet which usually glows in the dark. These glowing rubber bracelets look like dancing lights once all audiences are settled on their designated seats.

In other cases, organizers disseminate limited amount of rubber bracelets with the event’s name to loyal fans of the performing artist.

6. As Merchandises

There are custom rubber bracelets being sold on official merchandise stores of different artists, celebrities, group of performers or bands. If you are a diehard fan, these items are also to die for. The great news is they are not as expensive as other merchandises. You can also wear them anytime you want, unlike if you are to buy a shirt; you need to wash it every after wearing it.