Your Guide in Making a Loan at a Pawn shop

What is a Pawn shop?

Pawn shopIt is a place where people go to fulfill their immediate financial need, such a paying the rent and the utility bills. Those who are faced with emergency situations can also make a loan at pawn stores to get the money they badly needed. These people should bring collaterals, in form of valuable items, to make a loan.

Jewelries, watches, and diamonds are the common collaterals used. We accept all three items whether they are new, old, or even broken. You can also pawn gold and silver coins to us. Some pawn stores also accept musical instruments and firearms.

What is the difference between loaning from a bank and from a Pawn shop?

Loaning from pawn stores is only short-term. At, the maximum period is four months. If you are not able to pay the loan after the given time, you can no longer redeem your item back. Unlike with banks, pawn stores do not require plenty of documents when you are to make a loan. Pawn stores provide quick, but only small loans.


There is also a similarity between the two. Both financial institutions are governed by federal laws and regulations. There is a different law for every state. We follow the regulations set for New York City. We also provide daily reports of our transactions to authorities as required by the law.

Is pawning safe?

Pawning is definitely safe. As mentioned, pawn stores like us follow certain laws. You can be sure that your belonging is safe in our hands. You can get it back anytime you please to.

Some also think that pawn stores charge a lot of interests and extra expenses. It is true that we charge an interest, but the rate is also governed by the state’s law. We do not charge higher than what is required. In fact, we only charged a 3% interest per month. This interest is for our storing expenses and other utilities.

Who can make a pawn?

At our pawn stores, anyone who is 18 years old and above can make a loan. The process is made easy for everyone so if you have an item that you no longer need, feel free to go to our stores to pawn it.

What do you need to loan in a Pawn shop?

Again, you will need a valuable item as collateral. Documents that can prove that you own the item will also make the transaction quick and easy. We also request you to bring a valid identification card. Do understand that we need to guarantee that the item you are pawning is not stolen.

Who are the pawnbrokers?

The pawnbrokers are the people who will attend to you when you are pawning. Our pawnbrokers are friendly and knowledgeable. They are to inspect your item to determine their value. They are expert about the market fluctuations, and they use their knowledge to forecast the selling price of your item.


Do not expect us to give you the actual retail price of the collateral. We can only offer half its retail price. Our pawnbrokers also consider the condition of your item in naming the amount you may loan.
If you accept our offer, we will give your needed cash right away. We will also give you a pawn ticket.

What is a pawn ticket?

Our pawn ticket consists of a pledge number, our terms and conditions, your due date, and the interest that we charge you. Our contact information is also cited in the ticket. We request our customers to call us before they pay their loan so that we could prepare the collateral before pick-up.

Most importantly, you will have to present your pawn ticket to be able to reclaim your item.

A Step-by-step Process when loaning at a Pawn shop

1. Go to the nearest Major Pawn. You may check our address at our website.
2. Present your item to our trustworthy pawnbrokers, together with an identification card and other documents.
3. Accept or decline the offer of the pawnbroker.
If you accept:
4. Read or listen to our terms and conditions and sign the contract.
5. Get your loan and your pawn ticket.

Paying Conditions

When you are ready to pay your loan and get your collateral, you have to refer to your pawn ticket to determine the total amount you need to pay. Remember that you are to pay the combined amounts of the loan and the interest. You also have to bring an ID when reclaiming your item.

In case you do not have any resources yet to pay your item and your due date is approaching, you can extend it by paying only the interest. We will send you an email 30 days before your due date to remind you about it.

What if you are not able to pay any amount? You can no longer claim your item. It will then belong to us. We will have the rights to resell your item to make up for the loan that we granted you.

If you  need instant cash, so pawn shop is one of the best option for you. is also providing you instant cash loan, for more details contact to us.

Questions About Misting Fans, Answered

How do misting fans work?

This kind of fans integrates a spray nozzle as well as a high pressure pump system with 800 to 1000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure. It is built to produce and release liquid droplets that are tinier than 10 microns. The diameter of the droplet is only about 10 percent of a human hair.


When liquid droplets with this size touch the encompassing warm air, they evaporate in a flash, taking the heat energy from the air to be able to transform liquid into gas. This evaporation process would then decrease the temperature around the area by approximately 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This particular scientific theory is referred to as thermal dynamics.

How much liquid does a mister really use?

A high pressure mister with 0.008 inch nozzle opening uses water at somewhere around 1.4 gallons per hour or 0.022 gallons per minute per nozzle.

How much coolness can misting fans generate in a room?

Most fan misters decrease temperatures by 10 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon the relative humidity and preliminary surrounding temperature.

Are the misters going to get people wet?

Fan misters must be designed and built in good order. If the manufacturer is able to achieve that, the misting system can function as it should. When the temps are sufficiently high and moisture is in average amounts, the water can evaporate before it can even touch the floor.

Why is high pressure mister better than those with low pressure?

A lot of manufacturers offer misting fans that utilize water pressure straight from the hose or faucet. Even though these misting systems are incredibly low-priced, they also do not have the primary factor that makes misting work effectively. Without having high pressure, the liquid cannot be smashed to fittingly tiny droplets. Low pressure misting systems, on the other hand, are susceptible to spraying as opposed to genuinely misting a region.

Can a misting system work properly in a place with a humid climate?

Yes, it can. The principle behind this kind of system works whenever evaporation can be achieved. In fact the success of the misting process depends greatly on the speed and the completeness of the evaporation. For places with humidity lower than 40 percent, the temperature drops could be as much as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. For areas with 40 percent to 80 percent humidity, temperature drops will be up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, for places with humidity over 80 percent, temperature drops could be approximately 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it possible to reconstruct existing fans to be a misting system?

Yes, existing fans could be converted into misting fans. They can be installed with mister rings. By incorporating a high pressure water pump system with a pressure level of 1000 PSI and a range of high pressure multiplex hoses, a warehouse or even a stadium could become adequately cool and comfortable.

What sort of maintenance and servicing is necessary for fan misters?

Misting fans normally call for minor maintenance, apart from the routine cleaning and replacing of nozzle heads. Oil adjustments are necessary right after the initial fifty hours of usage and then every five hundred hours soon after the preliminary change. The amount of filter modifications in the system is determined by the quality of water being presented into the pump. No matter the water conditions, filtration system cartridges need to be replaced no less than once per annum or per cooling period.

Extra water conditioning can be obtained for regions where water supply is difficult in order to cut back nozzle problems. If possible freezing conditions might be present where the machine is situated, the misting system, pump, filter cartridges, and mister lines need to be depleted or cleared by air to minimize the possibility of destroying the equipment.