Choosing the Right Golf Ball

There are different kinds of golfers nowadays and because of it, manufacturers and design engineers have invented a number of golf balls to match these golfer’s different needs. No matter how good a golfer may be, if the golf equipment he is using doesn’t match his abilities, he cannot excel in the game. Golf balls can either make or break a golf player.

Not all golf balls are the same. The type of ball you are going to use in the game will greatly affect the result of it. For a lot of golf players, one of the hardest and most challenging decisions they are going to make is choosing the right playing ball.

There are three types of golf balls which can greatly impact the game: distance, control, and spin. Each type is designed to do different things when struck by a golf club.

Golf Ball

Once struck, distance balls react quickly to produce the maximum speed, thus, resulting to more distance overall. Most golfers who find every yard important usually purchase this type of ball. However, even though distance balls can add more distance to the game, they don’t usually land on the greens, which some players find difficult to handle, due to the possibility of landing in water or other parts of the course.

Control balls, on the other hand, are designed to prevent too much spin when struck. It also helps golfers in decreasing their hooking and slicing tendencies. If a golf player don’t find a distance a major problem and prefers more control over the greens, a spin ball is the best them. Spin balls create more backspin which results to better transmission and offers better projection and stopping on the greens.

There are three ways on how golf balls are constructed:

The traditional golf balls or the two-piece are very durable because of the large solid core and Surlyn cover. Surlyn is a very durable but a little hard cover material, making it able to withstand cuts and nicks. Most distance balls are two-pieces and the least expensive of all golf balls. It is a good choice for beginners and players who want greater distance and speed.

Made from soft plastic rubbers, the three piece balls increase distance and offer good control. These balls are mostly used by professional golf players who are aiming for distance and better direction control.

Lastly, the four piece balls give the total performance for the game. It is mostly made of Urethane. The ball, when struck, flies straighter with lesser spin. It offers longer distance and greater control over the greens in the field. However, these balls are the most expensive.

A golf player’s swing speed should be considered first before purchasing a ball. A softer golf ball is recommended for golf players with higher swing speed who usually experience difficulties in controlling around the greens. For golf players who have lower swing speed, distance a big challenge for them so a harder distance ball is the best ball to use.

Although professional golfers don’t use handicaps, there are some golf players who admit handicap during the golf game. Golf players with lower handicap are better players. On the other hand, golf players with higher handicaps are poorer players. For players who have high handicaps, purchasing less expensive balls is always a wise choice. The probability of losing the ball during the game is quite high for this kind of players so purchasing a more expensive ball is a big no-no.

Once you already know which ball you will be purchasing, you can go to either Amazon or eBay. Rock Bottom Golf also offers a wide variety of brands to choose from. Although finding the right golf ball is a big challenge, still, it is not an impossible task.