Choosing the Right Company for Your Custom Patches

There are many companies that advertise creating custom patches online, but only a few can provide their huge claims. It will be a good idea to do some research to find the right patch company that creates high quality products at reasonable prices.

Here is a little check list of the things that you need to examine before you choose a certain company.

1. Customer Service

The first thing you have to do is make sure that they have great customer service. They have to be willing to listen to their customer needs, accommodate them, and respond to them appropriately. Graphic artists must be ready to work with their customer to come up with a design that exactly meets the specifications of the customer.

2. Experience

It is always a positive sign if a company has been in the business for several years. It is quite easy to put up a business and promote it online, but it actually takes some skills to produce quality products and to make customers believe that your business is not the short term.

3. Reputation

Custom PatchesIn connection with the experience of the company, another way to assess their reputation is to check if any big organization has officially worked with the company to create their custom patches. In this case, you may see the official logo of a big company in their website and advertising tools. Any established organization would be really cautious about the companies they partner with, which means it is a good sign to have an endorsement from them.

4. Pricing

A reliable company must make their price list available on their website. There must not be some kind of hidden charges for design, shipping, set up fees, or revisions. The price must cover all of the aspects of your order, and the company must include all of those items.

In case you need your custom patches ready by a specific date, you need to inform the salesperson immediately because “rush orders” often have higher prices than the advertised costs. Patches4less is one stop solution for affordable pricing option.

5. Check Minimum Order

If you want to order in huge quantities, you must consider only established patch companies. For large quantities, the patch company would need an advanced computerized embroidery machine to excellently deal with that task in a certain amount of time. Because of that, you must also need to check if the company has minimum order quantities. If you only need about 100 for your team, it will not be a good idea to have a minimum order of 200.

6. Artwork and Revisions

The right company for your custom patches will offer artwork and revisions for free. Skilled graphic artists must be able to help their customers design their patches and also update existing designs for free.

7. Shipping Times

The company must be able to deliver your order within two weeks or less from the time of your initial order. In case they are not able to guarantee this turnaround time, it will be better for you to look somewhere else.

8. Patch Backing

There are different types of patch backings and a good company should be able to answer your queries about them. Iron-on, Velcro, tape, and sew-on backings have their specific specialized applications. The right patch company will work with you to see which one is the best for your needs.

While taking all these things into account may lengthen and complicate your search, rest assured that the added time and effort you’ll spend won’t go to waste. After all, it is only by thoroughly assessing every item on the checklist that you’d avoid delivery hassles and quality issues.