The Benefits of Custom Challenge Coins

Because of the popularity of custom challenge coins, and because there are numerous designs available, having possession of these coins can make a person happy, but the experience of having been given these types of coins is either equally or arguably better. Being custom challenge coins can have benefits for every person. This also applies for groups. Groups that share a common coin will have an edge to groups who do not. There are many positive things that result from having these coins as gifts. The general consensus is that having been given this type of coin means that there is an appreciation for what you have done and for who you are to the giver.

Custom Challenge Coins

Being given custom challenge coins can make a person feel that he has a camaraderie, a sense of belongingness, or a sense of unity towards a person, group, or affiliation. Having given this type of coin for every member in a group could be used as an insignia for the group’s togetherness or shared identity.This may be traced down during the earlier parts of history where different groups, either public or private, puts people through con checks or membership checks or test, to see if this particular person belongs to their group or not.

This is very popular among “underground” or private groups. Usually, if a member of the group fails the test or was not able to bring their membership coin, they will be the one to pay for the drinks of the meeting or may face humiliation or rituals. Therefore, at least during those times, having constant possession of these challenge coins is very much essential, and this highlights another importance of this type of coins.

This also makes the coin a valuable asset, which one cannot just take for granted.Also, being given custom challenge coins can make a person feel recognized for his hard work. Like what prizes are for, this usage of the coin can reinforce good behaviour and might also ensure that the person does what he did to merit the prize again. Being given such a coin can act as a good reinforce for the person to continue to do well. Also, being gifted with a quality coin can make a person feel that his work is very much appreciated and people give a great value to him. In an organization, having been given this kind of coin may mean that you have been granted some certain privileges which are not afforded to all of the members of the organization.

Also, if all the members of the organization is given such a coin, it may signify that the organization has done something very much appreciated and highly valued. This may be traced down to war heroes being given medals for their chivalry and patriotism, or people who are envoys of peace and knowledge being given awards for their major contributions to their designated fields of endeavours.

Having been given custom challenge coins can create a good teamwork atmosphere among teammates or group mates. They can have a sense of shared identity and this can help them pursue their group goals, even setting aside personal goals for the benefit of the whole group.

This will increase group think and will surely minimize loafing around between members who just go with the flow. This will also prevent group members from having doubts in their group about affiliations or hierarchies. This will increase the group’s productivity and overall coherence within the group. This may be traced down to some companies giving tokens to their members, or giving something that means that the person certainly belongs to that group or affiliation.