The Importance of Pre-Planning a Burial

Ever thought about funeral planning? This article will list down all the advantages of planning it ahead.

1. It will let other family members know what a person wants during his burial.

The biggest mistake that one could ever make is stating the details about his burial on his will alone. Oftentimes, unfortunate consequences happen which can make his wishes known too late.

funeralKeep in mind that when somebody dies, the next thing that follows is the burial. Most often, the will is reviewed only after the actual funeral service is done. It is either kept in a safety deposit box or inside the office of an attending lawyer. As a result, the burial wishes of the deceased family member will never be granted.

Upon planning the burial and documenting all the wishes upon his death, a person can avoid an oversight like the one mentioned above. Make other family members aware about it so when that time comes, they already know how and where to locate it.

Getting a burial package will not require a lot of effort. Comprehensive burial plans and packages can even be viewed and purchased online.

2. It will save the survived loved ones from having to make tough decisions.

Through proper funeral planning, the deceased will not give his loved ones a hard time in deciding on what to do during his actual wake. They will not argue on whether it would be better to go for either a burial or a cremation. Keep in mind that whatever decision they have in mind will be final and they all have to live with it for the rest of their lives, even if it may cause doubt, worry or guilt.

When it comes to the final arrangements, it is essential to rely on proper planning before death. Include where to donate organs, indicate whether you want a simple traditional service, add details on your preferred place of interment, provide instructions on what to do with the ashes, and so on. This will ensure that all of the details regarding the actual burial will not be missed, making it easier to assist the other members of the family during decision–making times.

3. It will reduce the cost of the wake service.

Availing of burial services and packages can be quite costly. That’s why, it is essential to do research and compare the prices of various necrological services offered by different companies near the area. Most likely, unplanned burials will result to paying top costs for the burial service.

Oftentimes, people pick the nearest funeral parlor to save time or the one that has been considered by the family members over and over again. However, this doesn’t mean that they get good value for their money. Companies from this industry dramatically change the cost of their services from one client to the other. Failure to check the current prices of their services could equate to overspending and will definitely put people under financial strain.

Apart from the cost of their services, other things to consider in selecting a particular burial service provider are the staff’s efficiency, manner, and helpfulness.

4. It will remove the financial burden of the funeral costs.

One major advantage of pre-planning a burial is the option to make arrangements about the cost, either covering it after one’s death or paying it in advance. With the costs of burial service nowadays, shouldering one’s own burial expenses is already a blessing to his survived family members.

Typically, the secret in doing this is to plan for three things. First, set aside enough money to avail of the plan. Second, pay it in advance. And lastly, arrange to have an insurance that can cover other burial costs when the call of death arrives.

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