A Beginner’s Guide in Becoming a Good Content Writer

The services of a content writer are in demand on the internet. Website owners, bloggers and business site owners hire them to draw traffic, give out expert advice, and publish quality and informative content for their existing readers. With the fierce competition among writers, it is quite easy to be lost and give up altogether. As a new writer, keeping up is hard and building a portfolio seems farfetched – well, it’s still possible. Below are easy and proven guidelines to reach the level of a professional writer.

About Writing patterns and habits

content writerWrite consistently and every day. Set aside at least an hour to two hours of writing every day. It forces your mind to work and produce ideas. The longer you spend writing the quicker your mind can construct ideas, come up with topics to write and enhances your thinking abilities.

Before writing an unfamiliar topic, write first what you know about it. If you cannot write anything about it, then, it is time to research about it. Though, do not spend too much time researching a single topic. Thirty minutes to an hour is sufficient to get a general idea about a topic. Then, spend the next 15 minutes, brainstorming what to include in your article. After brainstorming, take a rest or proceed in writing the whole article.

About grammar

You do not have to be perfect in grammar at first, but it does not mean being a newbie is an excuse. Before diving into the world of content writing, it does not hurt to read your grammar book to refresh your memory. Take a simple grammar test to find out how poor or excellent your grammar after a long period of not writing. If you have not written an article or an essay for a long time, chances are your grammar is at its worst.

Use tools to enhance your grammar. As a new content writer, there is nothing wrong with using tools to check your grammar. These tools point out common mistakes. However, never rely too much on such tools. Still, the best way of improving your grammar is learning all the basic rules of sentence construction, correct subject-verb agreement, and among other things. Spare at least 15 minutes every day reading about grammar.

About ideas

Ideas are everywhere. Read, listen and observe. While walking or riding a bus, do not focus your attention in listening to music or reading a reference book for your research. Instead, observe discreetly your surroundings. Listen to conversations but do not eavesdrop. You would be surprised to learn that you can get ideas merely from observing, listening, or reading a bulletin post in a rail train. Reserve reading a book when you are at home, or while researching through the internet. Besides, reading while inside a moving vehicle strains your eyes and affects your balance.

A content writer never stops reading. The more you read, the more ideas will pop up in your mind when you need them. A human’s mind consists of billions of neurons. When you read a lot, the neurons inside your head enhance their capabilities as well and make them faster in transmitting information.

About writing site

You probably have read about writing sites before you came across reading this. Join a reputable, well-known freelance writing site. Exposing yourself to different topics is one good way to train in meeting deadlines and specific client’s requirements. It also helps in polishing your grammar and enhancing your research skills. If you are having a hard time gaining traction in a writing site, it only means two things. One, you cannot work yet as a professional writer and you still have many lessons to learn. Two, the writing site may not be the right training ground for your writing skills.

About Writer’s Mistakes

Sometimes, people become complacent with their work when they know they are very good at it. As a content writer, beginner or not, complacency should never be part of your writing inadequacies. This behavior promotes unwillingness to learn more, pretending that no one or nothing can surpass your ability. Always remember, every opportunity is a chance to learn a lesson. When complacency becomes part of your flaws as a writer, you fail to see and grab opportunities that might bring you to the top.

In case you land a job as a freelance writer in a writing site, accept projects that you know you can finish within the specific deadline. Take one assignment at a time until you are certain you can accept multiple assignments and pass them on time. Learn to stick to your own schedule.

Lastly, learn to relax. A stressed mind can never think clearly. Ideas will not come easily. So, sleep at least five hours a day. A rested mind can perform faster and that means you can write more.

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Tactics to Become One of the Best Motivational Speakers at Schools

Motivational speakers have found schools a perfect venue to concentrate on. This brief article will give you tactics on how most great motivational speakers appeal and specialize to this niche market.All details are also provided in  www.motivational-speaker-success.com

1. Immerse yourself in the teenagers’ world. Know more about their lifestyle and pop culture. Read what they usually read such as magazines and websites. Learn how they communicate and express their feelings. Connect with them through finding out how and what they think about, and most importantly, what they care about.

2. Your best source is yourself and your own experiences as a teenager. Times might have changed but there are still topics and aspects that are timeless and universal. The way you dress during your teen years might be different now but the way you express your feelings before such as through arts is still a medium used by most teenagers. Teenagers still worry about love, dating, social acceptance, relating to authority, avoiding embarrassment and making a transition from childhood to adulthood. Pull all these topics to a powerful presentation through drawing out from your experiences.

Motivational speaker3. Never ever talk down to teenagers. The people around probably have told them a thousand times not to do this and that or they have been scolded all day long. You will catch their attention and at the same time become credible through showing humility and vulnerability.

4. Be genuine. Share insights and experiences that you truly believe. Avoid giving clichés. You are not one of them so avoid dressing or talking like them unless that is your true expression of your sensibility.

5. You must communicate with your target school in advance to know what is happening inside the campus. For instance, there is a basketball championship game or upcoming prom night. This will allow you to connect with your audience through your prepared materials.

6. Go to the decision makers – the student council advisors and activity directors to market your skills and services. These people are in-charge of making plan assemblies and inviting speakers.

7. Put a competitive price to yourself. Schools have smaller allotted budgets for speakers compared to big multinational companies. You have to really work double time if you are making a living out of becoming a speaker at schools. If you are after for a bigger salary or speaking engagement rate, schools are not the best place for you to use your skills.

8. Establish your network with other motivational speakers. Usually, a motivational speaker cannot conduct a session for a number of times in a year in a school. He can suggest someone who can do the job. Plus, if a motivational speaker’s schedule is fully booked, he can suggest an alternative speaker. Of course, you want these motivational speakers suggesting your name. The perfect way of cultivating relationships is to search for opportunities. They would also want to return the favour in the future.

9. Target booking yourself to two schools in a day. An ideal combination is middle school and high school. Offer the two schools a good discount professional rate if they are going to book you on the same day. Give additional discounts if they can refer you to other schools before or after the date of your speaking engagement with them.

10. Assist the schools in getting sponsors. These can include local vendors and businesses with the school. You may get in touch as well with local service organizations. You can also offer a free session at their breakfast meeting during a general assembly.

11. Offer the schools a parent program. This is a great way to expose yourself to the parents who are mostly working professionals. This will also reinforce your networks and build your credibility with parents. The best time to schedule a talk with parents is in the evening after your speaking engagement with the students.

12. Ask from activity directors and principals if they can refer you to other schools and colleagues. Tell them if they can write a testimonial letter to serve as your marketing tool.

The Importance of Pre-Planning a Burial

Ever thought about funeral planning? This article will list down all the advantages of planning it ahead.

1. It will let other family members know what a person wants during his burial.

The biggest mistake that one could ever make is stating the details about his burial on his will alone. Oftentimes, unfortunate consequences happen which can make his wishes known too late.

FuneralKeep in mind that when somebody dies, the next thing that follows is the burial. Most often, the will is reviewed only after the actual funeral service is done. It is either kept in a safety deposit box or inside the office of an attending lawyer. As a result, the burial wishes of the deceased family member will never be granted.

Upon planning the burial and documenting all the wishes upon his death, a person can avoid an oversight like the one mentioned above. Make other family members aware about it so when that time comes, they already know how and where to locate it.

Getting a burial package will not require a lot of effort. Comprehensive burial plans and packages can even be viewed and purchased online.

2. It will save the survived loved ones from having to make tough decisions.

Through proper funeral planning, the deceased will not give his loved ones a hard time in deciding on what to do during his actual wake. They will not argue on whether it would be better to go for either a burial or a cremation. Keep in mind that whatever decision they have in mind will be final and they all have to live with it for the rest of their lives, even if it may cause doubt, worry or guilt.

When it comes to the final arrangements, it is essential to rely on proper planning before death. Include where to donate organs, indicate whether you want a simple traditional service, add details on your preferred place of interment, provide instructions on what to do with the ashes, and so on. This will ensure that all of the details regarding the actual burial will not be missed, making it easier to assist the other members of the family during decision–making times.

3. It will reduce the cost of the wake service.

Availing of burial services and packages can be quite costly. That’s why, it is essential to do research and compare the prices of various necrological services offered by different companies near the area. Most likely, unplanned burials will result to paying top costs for the burial service.

Oftentimes, people pick the nearest funeral parlor to save time or the one that has been considered by the family members over and over again. However, this doesn’t mean that they get good value for their money. Companies from this industry dramatically change the cost of their services from one client to the other. Failure to check the current prices of their services could equate to overspending and will definitely put people under financial strain.

Apart from the cost of their services, other things to consider in selecting a particular burial service provider are the staff’s efficiency, manner, and helpfulness.

4. It will remove the financial burden of the funeral costs.

One major advantage of pre-planning a burial is the option to make arrangements about the cost, either covering it after one’s death or paying it in advance. With the costs of burial service nowadays, shouldering one’s own burial expenses is already a blessing to his survived family members.

Typically, the secret in doing this is to plan for three things. First, set aside enough money to avail of the plan. Second, pay it in advance. And lastly, arrange to have an insurance that can cover other burial costs when the call of death arrives.

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Questions About Misting Fans, Answered

How do misting fans work?

mist fanThis kind of fans integrates a spray nozzle as well as a high pressure pump system with 800 to 1000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure. It is built to produce and release liquid droplets that are tinier than 10 microns. The diameter of the droplet is only about 10 percent of a human hair. When liquid droplets with this size touch the encompassing warm air, they evaporate in a flash, taking the heat energy from the air to be able to transform liquid into gas. This evaporation process would then decrease the temperature around the area by approximately 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This particular scientific theory is referred to as thermal dynamics.

How much liquid does a mister really use?

A high pressure mister with 0.008 inch nozzle opening uses water at somewhere around 1.4 gallons per hour or 0.022 gallons per minute per nozzle.

How much coolness can misting fans generate in a room?

Most fan misters decrease temperatures by 10 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon the relative humidity and preliminary surrounding temperature.

Are the misters going to get people wet?

Fan misters must be designed and built in good order. If the manufacturer is able to achieve that, the misting system can function as it should. When the temps are sufficiently high and moisture is in average amounts, the water can evaporate before it can even touch the floor.

Why is high pressure mister better than those with low pressure?

A lot of manufacturers offer misting fans that utilize water pressure straight from the hose or faucet. Even though these misting systems are incredibly low-priced, they also do not have the primary factor that makes misting work effectively. Without having high pressure, the liquid cannot be smashed to fittingly tiny droplets. Low pressure misting systems, on the other hand, are susceptible to spraying as opposed to genuinely misting a region.

Can a misting system work properly in a place with a humid climate?

Yes, it can. The principle behind this kind of system works whenever evaporation can be achieved. In fact the success of the misting process depends greatly on the speed and the completeness of the evaporation. For places with humidity lower than 40 percent, the temperature drops could be as much as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. For areas with 40 percent to 80 percent humidity, temperature drops will be up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, for places with humidity over 80 percent, temperature drops could be approximately 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it possible to reconstruct existing fans to be a misting system?

Yes, existing fans could be converted into misting fans. They can be installed with mister rings. By incorporating a high pressure water pump system with a pressure level of 1000 PSI and a range of high pressure multiplex hoses, a warehouse or even a stadium could become adequately cool and comfortable.

What sort of maintenance and servicing is necessary for fan misters?

Misting fans normally call for minor maintenance, apart from the routine cleaning and replacing of nozzle heads. Oil adjustments are necessary right after the initial fifty hours of usage and then every five hundred hours soon after the preliminary change. The amount of filter modifications in the system is determined by the quality of water being presented into the pump. No matter the water conditions, filtration system cartridges need to be replaced no less than once per annum or per cooling period. Extra water conditioning can be obtained for regions where water supply is difficult in order to cut back nozzle problems. If possible freezing conditions might be present where the machine is situated, the misting system, pump, filter cartridges, and mister lines need to be depleted or cleared by air to minimize the possibility of destroying the equipment.